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מד מרחק לייזר

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בגודל כף יד - מד טווח מרחק לייזר דיגיטלי חכם, עד 40 מטר


קישור לעמוד המוצר

This accurate distance meter can be used for home, architecture, industry, house, warehouses, etc. It's powered by energy-saving and eco-friendly lithium battery, which allows you to measure distance for 2000 times when fully charged. The measuring device offers you 3 different units, including meter, inch and foot, you can choose the perferable unit for quick measuring.

Material: ABS
Measuring range: about 0.16ft/0.05m-131ft/40m
Measuring accuracy: about ±2mm/±0.08in
Measuring modes: area/ volume/ Pythagorean theorem/ continuous measurement
Measuring unit: m/foot/inch (No need to change units every time, it will keep your last Settings.)
Self-calibration: yes
Battery: 200mAh lithium battery, it allows to measure distance for 2000 times, and takes only half an hour to charge.
Buzzing indicating: yes
Storage temperature: -25°C-60°C
Working temperature: 0°C-40°C
Water resistance: IP54 waterproof
Size (approx.): length 3.9''/10cm; width 1.3''/3.2cm; height 0.5''/1.3cm
Net weight (approx.): 1.1oz/30g
Color: black

1*Distance meter; 1* User manual (English/ French/ German/ Italian/ Spanish)

* It is recommended for indoor use.
* The actual color may vary slightly from the online image due to monitor color settings.
* Please allow slight measurement deviation for the data.


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